follow these steps to get your tablet back to factory mode!!!

  1. Download the firmware directly from here or visite this link
  2. unzipe the file and install the driver(in the driver folder named “rockusb”)
    • right click on “my Computer” and choose manage .
    • click Device manager then on the tab aboove click “Action”
    • take add legacy……
    • follow the instructions and locate the driver in the download folder.
  3. Go to the DmTool folder and run the “RKDeviceManage” application.
  4. now put off the phone and connect it to the computer the software will detect the phone and display a message indicating it phone the tablet else it will display “No found any device”
  5. click on upgrade and if a message prompts take ok and it will start downloading the firmware.
  6. when its completed it will display upgrade complete.



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